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Ripples on a Pond: A Woody Creek Novel 5

Ripples on a Pond - Joy Dettman This review has been x posted at The Book Twins

In the newest installment, Joy Dettman does not hold back on anything. This novel goes on to show how Cara deals with the fallout of the revelation made to her on her wedding night. It's one shocking thing after another. She is determined not to go back to Woody Creek, but as things turn out... you can't run from what is to be.

Georgie is also someone on an interesting path in life, as she is determined to do something more with her life than just working in a small town grocery store. Her life is about to start and there is nothing and nobody that will stop her, not even responsibilities to her younger sister, Margot.

It's 1970's. the time for change. The time for doing something special. The two girls aren't the only one who have things going on in their lives, Jenny's missing son, Jimmy has returned to town after being taken by his grandfather.
After inheriting an estate, he has determined to make a new life for himself.. but there is just one thing that he can't seem to shake, and that lies in Australia in the form of a girl he fell in love with. A girl who is now forbidden to him... who always was but just didn't know it.

In the second to last book of this series, Jenny's children has grown and Jenny herself has been through more than her fair share of trauma in her life. Things are winding down.
I felt so bad for Margot. Her mother never wanted her, and even says that Margot is her biggest mistake and regret. I think that is a poor thing to say. Yes, the circumstances around her birth are not ideal and would not wish that kind of thing on anyone, but to blame a child for something like that isn't the way to go. And the outcome of Margot.. I bet she never felt loved by Jenny, because she never loved her at all. Not like her other children.

I look forward to see the end of this series. To see how this series will close. This is such a unique and beautifully written set of stories. Joy Dettman is one of a kind with a knack of storytelling unlike anyone else.

Rating: 3.5 / 5