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Thorn on the Rose - Joy Dettman This review has been x posted at The Book Twins

After skipping town before anyone knew it, Jenny returns four months later with a secret and with a new vibe about her. She has new clothes with a new attitude, but there is something dark hidden beneath her tough exterior.
The life of Jenny has not been an easy one. After she arrives back in town after months of being away, she comes and stays with her grandmother, but soon enough, Jenny finds himself in the midst of drama once again. She finds herself pregnant once again after a brief relationship with Laurie, who she met in Melbourne.
After not wanting the child at first, Jenny soon changes her mind once Georgie is born. She may be not much older than her first child, but she is a little bit more mature at this point and she knows what she wants.

Her sister, Sissy finds herself engaged to her long-time crush, Jim but she soon becomes crushed when Jim calls off the engagement to be with Jenny, who he has become requainted with after being childhood friends.

Lots of things occur between Amber and her husband, Norman. The relationship between them has always been an unpredictible one. A crazy and unhealthy one at that. Things I was shocked at.

This was a great installment to this historical series. I look forward to see what is next for Jenny and the gang from Woody Creek.